Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tour Guide Tuesday: Downtown Nashville Bachelorette Party

I get asked all the time for Nashville Bachelorette Party or Nashville Girls or Couples Weekend itinerary ideas.  Look no further, I've compiled a few of my favorites here for you.

Friday Arrival:

Start by checking into your AirBNB or hotel and get freshened up to spend a night out on the town.  Nashville has so many fantastic restaurants, a few of my favorites are Husk, The Southern or Virago.  Book a table early, Nashville's dining scene is red hot.  After dinner, grab a low key drink at the Oak Bar or Patterson House.


Pedal tavern is where the party's at!  Schedule reservations ahead of time to ensure there's plenty of room for your party.

After your pedal tour of the city, take the Green Line to the Gulch to do a bit of shopping.  There you can peruse Urban Outfitters, Lucchese and Blush.

Once you catch your 2nd wind, grab your cowboy boots and head to Acme Feed and Seed for dinner and live music.  The food is tasty and the live music is always on point.  This should get your night of honky tonkin' off to the right start.  From there head to Paradise Park, Tootsies and Tin Roof and leave your mark on Music City!


Start off with Brunch at Germantown Cafe or Tavern.  Then take a walk through Bicentenial Park or check out the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Long time, no see friends!

No time for excuses, let's just enjoy reconnecting :)

1. I have been working diligently to get my real estate business in full swing.  I'm proud to say I have a closing under my belt, have all of the tools and apps I need, and my website is about a week from go-live.  Here is a sample of my website inspiration.  ***Photos by Blake Brooks Photography

2.  I loved American Sniper, it was captivating and though-provoking.  It was a great reminder of how thankful we should be for our troops and the sacrifices they make everyday.  
*Mom-probably not one for you to go see.

3.  A recent controversial ban was just placed on the Nashville Farmers Market.  According to the market's director, Tasha Kennard, "Across the country, there are really two different kinds of farmers' market.  There are producer-only markets and there are markets where we call it, 'anything goes.'"  The Nashville Farmers Market has decided to ban re-sold products.  

In English, no longer can the vendors go buy produce at Wal-mart, bring it to the Farmer's Market and advertise it as home grown  Even though we all knew that it wasn't home grown, because they didn't even peel the Wal-mart produce stickers off!  

Sweet Home Nashville Approved.

4.  In other Nashville news, the Nashville Sounds released their new logo to match their new stadium this week.  They did release a new logo in October, but no one liked the orange, so they reverted to red.  Also, rumor on the street is, Ozzie will be replaced with a "hot chicken".

5.  Finally, you can pull your AMP yes! and AMP no! signs our of your front yard.  The project has officially died.  Karl Dean is a visionary, and although he can see major traffic issues about to plague Music City, there aren't enough supporters in the pipeline to keep driving the project forward after his term ends this year.  The worst part of the story, you will have to find another topic for your, "You're so Nashville if...." submission this year.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tour Guide Tuesday: Acme Feed and Seed

For years, the corner of Broadway and 1st Ave, stood an empty old warehouse begging for a little love from a local developer.  Boy did the developers show Acme a little love!  With over 22,000 sq feet of open space, this Nashville gem is the hottest ticket on Broadway.  

You will be greeted by a larger than life menu as you waltz through the doors of the 1890's grocery store.  You can either order on at the entrance or head upstairs to the sushi lounge on the 2nd floor.  The 3rd floor is reserved for private parties.  With a spacious rooftop deck overlooking the city, this even space is bound to be a hit in Music City. 

I'm sure this new hot spot was built with tourist in mind, but the locals are loving it too.  The food is spot on, the vibe is eclectic and approachable (per the Tennessean), and the live music is top notch.  

Check out more info on their website: http://theacmenashville.com/

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tour Guide Tuesday: Nashville Christmas Village


Nashville Christmas Village

I know, I know, I'm breaking every rule in the book by speaking of Christmas in October, but this event is worth marking your calendar for.  Grab your girlfriends, sisters, and mothers and head to the Nashville fairgounds to get your holiday shopping started.  Christmas Village is a tradition I love to celebrate with my mom and sister.  We always get a big jump  the holiday shopping season via this worthy cause.  This year Christmas Village will be Nov 14-16th.  Check out more information about vendors and hours on their website.  See you there!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1. Yesterday I met up with a couple of my favorite Nashville girls for happy hour at Sinema. The vibe of the upstairs bar is trendy yet casual.  It was a perfect new venue for happy hour with ample comfy seating and tasty cocktails.

2. I'm loving the low maintenance of my new do!  About a week ago, I took the plunge at my favorite Nashville Salon, True Blue, and went for a fresh fall look.  *Not usually a selfie sharer!

3. I love Young House Love.  It's one of the first blogs I started reading years ago and instantly I was hooked on all things John and Sherry.  Last week they wrote a farewell post and announced they are moving on to their next adventure.  YHL will still be a go-to of mine for all things DIY.  I will miss following their daily projects, but am thankful for the archives of incredible projects they have left behind.

4. I am so lucky to work for a company that values team building.  Last week, my leadership team of 6 ventured to Nashville Escape Game to test our skills at cracking codes, putting puzzles together and breaking out of Nashville Escape Room in less than 60 minutes.  I love events like this and so does my team.  We escaped in 52 minutes, success felt so good!  You can try it out with your family, friends or co-workers.  

5. I'm happy to announce my real estate license has finally been issued.  I've joined the Keller Williams team in Green Hills.  More on this new venture soon...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tour Guide Tuesday: Tennessee Beer Festival


The Tennessee Beer Festival is held the third Saturday in October at Two Rivers Mansion.  Last year over 1,700 enthusiastic beer tasters showed up for a great afternoon of some of the best craft beer tastings.  Over 40 local, national and international breweries were there with a selection of over 100 beers to taste.  We are so pleased that we can give money to so many worthwhile non profits while promoting the Donelson Hermitage area through the festival.  This year’s 2014 Tennessee Beer Festival is being held October 18th at the Two Rivers Mansion.

Day of tickets are $45 and proceeds benefit various chariaties in the Donelson Hermitage area.  Check out their website http://tnbeerfestival.com/.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Leadership Skills I Learned From Being In A Sorority Part 2

Check out part one here.

I'm loving reminiscing down memory lane.  I'm back with 5 more essential leadership lessons I learned from my beloved ZTA college days.

6.  Never undervalue how much rituals, secrets and traditions bond people together.  Honestly, in college, I thought most of our sorority rituals were cheesy and pointless.  I was totally missing the big picture.  We were making memories and sharing experiences that only the other girls in our sorority would understand.  The funny thing is, that same principle is carried over to the workplace.  If everyone on your team at work has the same memory, experience or shared sentiment, it forms a bond that can only be shared by that team.

7.  Recruiting doesn't stop at pref night.  Learning a 60 second elevator speech about Breast Cancer Awareness, practicing bump rotation to learn to work a room, and finding commonalities between potential new members and your organization are all key life skills.  Not only in corporate America are we constantly recruiting new talent to join our organizations, I constantly use these skills to build relationships and get buy in for a cause.

8.  You will always have competitors and rivals, but keeping the competitive spirit focused on other groups and not internal to yours is key to building a strong team.  This is a new work lesson for me.  Internal competition often creates unnecessary tension.  Competition can be a strong driver, just make sure that competitive energy is focused outward, not inward.

9.  Know your strengths, find a position to exploit them.  Know your weaknesses, surround yourself with people that excel in those areas.

Emily was a marketing major, Sarah studied accounting and I focused on science and engineering.
Emily kept up with the keys, I lost the keys and Sarah had better things to do than think about keys.
Emily was eager to share, I was eager to learn and Sarah was game for anything.
Emily was the peacekeeper, Sarah was the free spirit and I could be a bit dramatic.
Emily would plan the party, Sarah would invite the baseball team, and I would try to show up between studying and lab experiments.
Emily was the president, Sarah the new member educator and I was recruitment chair.

This friendship was not built on the fact that we are all so different, but I started to learn the value of diversity through these girls.  Now, I'm very aware of my strengths and pick projects to showcase them and am also very aware of my shortcomings and I make sure I have team members that I can rely on to get those jobs done as well.

10.  When you know better, you do better.  We are all growing and learning everyday.  Don't be so critical of people walking the same path you are...we live and we learn and then we make better decisions next time.